Lagay ng oposisyon sa administrasyong Marcos, kasama si Sen. Risa Hontiveros

Lagay ng oposisyon sa administrasyong Marcos, kasama si Sen. Risa Hontiveros

Bakit nga ba hindi pinalakpakan ni opposition senator Risa Hontiveros ang nakaraang State of the Nation Address ni Pangulong Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.? Kumusta nga ba ang lagay ng oposisyon sa 19th congress ng administrasyong Marcos Jr.? Makakalaya na nga ba si sen. Leila De Lima sa pagkakakulong?

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Strategic Northern Luzon

There is a tremendous opportunity for the Philippines to gain something to fortify its defenses. It has to play its cards well.

Raising false hopes

But he could be raising false hopes by promising to bring down the price of rice to P20 per kilo.

Leading by example: Curing the criminal justice system

But the system is far from perfect. Every step has its own unique problem. Perhaps, the reform should start from the top. Leaders should be seen as upright and dedicated to reforms, helping inspire others by leading by example.

Sara Duterte’s collection of COA red flags

It would seem that the Commission on Audit is one of the handful few not afraid of Duterte vengeance. And this time they have done it again for daughter Sara when she was mayor of Davao City. It certainly was not her first time to be red-flagged.

Deadly Dispatch: Ampatuan massacre 13 years after

As we remember the victims of the Ampatuan massacre today, let us also remember all the journalists who are still alive, and despite the threats on their lives and their families, remain honest and vigilant.

UST still doing it right in managing its basketball program

Over the weekend, a Facebook fan page called “The Growling Tigers of UST” posted its sentiments on how the University of Santo Tomas (UST) should manage it men’s basketball team. This was after the Growling Tigers, now under the guidance of Thomasian basketball great...

Free (basketball) world, free trade

At this point, the option to leave is very tempting because what they have inside their backyard is not the best. And we live in a free world. The best provider of the food on the table at the end of day will always be the best option.

‘MaJoHa’ and proposal

We need to refocus our priorities and check our motivations because if we continue to patronize these non-essentials, we are breeding a whole generation of MaJoHa. God help us.

Dream on Philippines

Another raging issue has hit the homeland – the conviction for libel of Maria Ressa of Rappler.


​As I write this, I am grateful to all of those who have expressed concerns and offered prayers for our safety.

Patron of statesmen and politicians

One of the gaps in our troubled world today is the lack of role models, those who embody the ideals of what we would like to be, or what we could become as individuals and as a nation. Perhaps, this gap is most felt in the field of government and politics.

Again, the issue on the Separation of Church and State

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) came out with A Pastoral Letter and A Call to Prayer on July 16 appealing to the Filipinos to pray for the country because of the threat of abuses to freedom due to the signing of the Anti-Terrorism Law on July 3.

We shall overcome

These past few weeks, we have been mercilessly punched by adversaries.  The Covid infection has been rising in the country.


The IATF came out with a recent decision that set the parameters for activities for the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) and the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ).

Invisible Army

The unseen enemy is targeting the top brass.
From solons who granted him more power & money


There are no coffins for them.
They are buried in distant shallow graves

Checkpoints, food chains and the frontlines

Checkpoints are not new. Vehicles or persons are generally allowed to pass through these checkpoints after a customary visual inspection and answering a few questions, or more recently, upon presentment of quarantine passes.

SHIT in the time of COVID

The following was forwarded to me, and instead of trashing it because of its title and its unknown origin (although its references are mostly Christian), I gave it a chance—and I am thankful I did.

‘My daughter is a lesbian’

“No matter how carefully we raise our children, we come to the point when we have to surrender control as parents. Their life is now their own to live. Especially their love life. But although we shouldn’t pick love partners for them, we can always remind them to always nurture their Friendship with God.”

A letter lights a candle in the dark

Sometimes my email inbox yields something so precious that I feel it must reach as many eyes and ears as possible.  One example is this one sent to me by my dear nuns at the Sœurs de la FamilleMissionnaire de Notre-Dame convent in Cannes, France.

We are one, despite our differences

In the name of God and country, we must allow the incoming administration, whatever we think of it, to perform or fail, according to its real merits. Accompanied by our religious, moral and political leaders, we must try to lift our society from any false need to judge one another unkindly because of our political or other human differences.

A conflict-averse president? Part II

If BBM’s political enemies have not given up, and if they have assessed him to be “conflict-averse”, they might be tempted to recreate the scenario against his dad.

A conflict-averse president?

The winners in the May 9 elections have not been officially proclaimed, but world leaders have already recognized former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as the 17th president of the Philippines. US President Joe Biden is the first one to extend such recognition. China’s President Xi Jinping and others have followed.

Voting with a Dream

I do not want to end this column with a note of sadness, so permit me to note something that gives me hope. Hope that more and more Filipinos will dream big for our country. This is no less than the presidential campaign of Leni Robredo, which has managed to inspire a grassroots passion and creativity unseen in ANY previous presidential campaign in the entire history of the Philippines. It is a campaign marked by Hope with a capital H and spawned the sense of being able to make a difference.