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PressONE.PH is an independent news and information website covering the Philippines for Filipino and global audiences. Our mission is to provide OPINION and NEWS that EMPOWER readers and help them make sense of the digital and interconnected world. Behind PressONE.PH is a team of experienced reporters and editors committed to the cause of responsible journalism and the free press for the common good, and the fight against fake news and propaganda.

PressONE.PH will be deliberate in its news coverage, believing that good journalism requires verification and credible sourcing especially in the era of 24/7 news, digital platforms and social media. We hold that journalism is essentially a discipline of verification whose first obligation is to the truth and whose first loyalty is to the citizens (Kovach and Rosenstiel, 2014).

Getting it right, we believe, is more important than getting it first. Thus, PressONE.PH will lean toward context and analysis over breaking news coverage. Our editorials and opinion columns will be informative and insightful, and responsible but bold in their views. PressONE.PH upholds Filipino faith, culture and values as well as dialogue and the free exchange of ideas.

PressONE.PH is owned and operated by PressOnePH News and Information Service Inc., a media organization that harnesses the various platforms of social media in propagating its digital and printed content – news, features, opinion, and others – produced by Catholic journalists, with a partiality for the truth and the common good and for uplifting the lives of the poor.

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