ANTONIO J. MONTALVAN II is a Mindanao anthropologist and ethnohistorian. He is a Ford Foundation scholar for the doctorate in anthropology on Mindanao Studies with the Mindanao Anthropology Consortium. Montalvan has written articles about Mindanao history and culture in academic journals.

Sara Duterte’s collection of COA red flags

It would seem that the Commission on Audit is one of the handful few not afraid of Duterte vengeance. And this time they have done it again for daughter Sara when she was mayor of Davao City. It certainly was not her first time to be red-flagged.

Palace press office wanders into the world of propaganda

The litmus test between journalism and propaganda, as has been established by praxis, is intention. The intention of journalism is to tell the truth, however uncomfortable it may be. Propaganda’s intention is to manipulate public opinion by presenting news only...