ANTONIO J. MONTALVAN II is a Mindanao anthropologist and ethnohistorian. He is a Ford Foundation scholar for the doctorate in anthropology on Mindanao Studies with the Mindanao Anthropology Consortium. Montalvan has written articles about Mindanao history and culture in academic journals.

EDSA in Luneta?

But let them have the streets of EDSA. We can pray at the Luneta where we yearly pray with the Poong Nazareno and where we prayed in the millions with Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis.

The visit of Ursula von der Leyen to Manila

Can the Marcos Jr. government, which deems itself beholden to Duterte popularity for winning the 2022 election race, navigate itself through the EU by invoking the two conditionalities as non-negotiables?

A tourism slogan for Islas Ladrones

We rebranded alright, but as world-class copycats, and worse as thieves. It is only right that the Japanese will have the last word in pronouncing Love the Philippines.

The mistreatments Leila de Lima got

Now is the time for the Marcos Jr. government to clean itself of the damage before the world of Duterte’s “bottomless pit of impunity.” We must defy government when it fails that.