ANTONIO J. MONTALVAN II is a Mindanao anthropologist and ethnohistorian. He is a Ford Foundation scholar for the doctorate in anthropology on Mindanao Studies with the Mindanao Anthropology Consortium. Montalvan has written articles about Mindanao history and culture in academic journals.

Red tagging is now a cottage industry

Expect more red tagging to worsen under the new Marcos administration. The first red tagger, lest we forget, was the dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Duterte-brand impunity is again tested

We have seen how the Davao City template has destroyed our national psyche and the credibility of our government institutions from Rodrigo Duterte’s six years of authoritarian misgovernance.

We share the blame for restoring the Marcoses

Around the time of the controversy that surrounded the Duterte-sponsored surreptitious burial of dictator Ferdinand Marcos in 2016 at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, an Ateneo school that I shall not name invited me to a forum on the topic.

When the PNP chief parodies the law

It is not a coincidence that Vicente Danao presides over the PNP at the tail end of the Duterte reign. He is one of Duterte’s fair-haired boys, a Davao city creation like Bato dela Rosa who probably knows Duterte’s secrets of how the Philippine National Police was transformed as a monstrosity of lawbreakers and killers.