ANTONIO J. MONTALVAN II is a Mindanao anthropologist and ethnohistorian. He is a Ford Foundation scholar for the doctorate in anthropology on Mindanao Studies with the Mindanao Anthropology Consortium. Montalvan has written articles about Mindanao history and culture in academic journals.

Can Marcos Sr.’s remains still be exhumed?

The dictator’s remains can still be exhumed. It can happen under a better government that does not extol fascism and despotism, which absolutely have no place in 21st century democracies. Perhaps not this time but in the future, yes.

The Senate that hates fiction

Suddenly, “art imitating life” is a condemnable act when it exposes the out-and-out ineptitude of a government whose fidelity is not to the Filipino people but to their political patrons. How’s that for bad image?

When media lies, it disempowers

Everyday, media advances the literacy of citizens by enabling them to critically understand issues, evaluate its content, and communicate a whole range of social and political situations.

His first act as Agriculture Secretary

Now that he says his run for president was based on the family’s survival, now that even his department could not control the prices of onions skyrocketing like bedlam, we see the essential Bongbong Marcos: family and cronies first helping out on government money. So very much like his father and mother.