JOEL PABLO SALUD is the author of several books of political nonfiction. He has sat for 11 years as editor-in-chief of one of the country’s foremost newsweekly and literary magazines and is currently the chair of the Writers in Prison Committee of PEN Philippines.

Let’s talk about ‘malice’

This manipulation and exploitation of our legal system has got to stop. Power to abuse is the very essence of abuse of power. The Constitution is not a piece of clay that one can shape or bend to follow an official’s sinister purpose.

Does he have what it takes?

The designation “President” does not assure anyone that business will come running to the one bearing the title. Business leaders can smell leaders who know their business. Making a quick buck is easy. It’s making a difference in life and in business that makes the work truly mind-blowing.

Life’s a glitch: New Year’s Day snafu

For one, a huge amount of money is spent on these systems. How and why the systems fail so miserably and at the most unholy hour – New Year’s Day, for cryin’ out loud – is a question we must insist on being answered. As truthfully as they can make it. Crisis management BS we don’t need.