The metaphors of the net

Some fifty-three or so years ago, not one would have thought—not even Pope Paul VI who initiated the celebrations of World Communications Day in 1966

Can we abide a terrorist state?

Locked down in our homes and isolated from one another since March, we have been praying for the global coronavirus pandemic to end, so we could start living our post-Covid lives. We pray that when we are finally able to sit down together again, we would find greater humanity in ourselves, to heal the wounds and ease the suffering of our post-pandemic world.

How long will the center hold?

China is far from blameless on any number of issues, but it is a mistake to accuse her of any wrongdoing that is not based on fact.

‘Heartless, inhuman, and insensitive’

The act is heartless, insensitive and inhuman — not so much in relation to the network’s management, or its 11,000 or so workers who will all lose their jobs, as in relation to the vast millions of Filipinos who will be deprived of the network’s basic services.

Vaccines a powerful tool in a pandemic year

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccines are becoming an important tool in diplomacy, more potent as a weapon than a strategic nuclear ballistic missile.As countries around the world scramble to acquire them to defeat the pandemic, big powers are using the vaccines...

China donates vaccines as it attempts to seize PH reef

A young fighter pilot, Raul del Rosario, flying an S-211 jet, found the danger first in February 1995 while patrolling over the disputed South China Sea.He saw a makeshift shelter on a half-submerged Mischief Reef, locally known as Panganiban Reef, well within the...

Ninoy Aquino: Apostle of non-violent resistance

“I have returned to join the ranks of those struggling to restore our rights and freedoms through non-violence.” This was part of the statement Ninoy Aquino wanted to deliver upon his arrival from exile thirty-six years ago.

The culture of death and social sin

We find ourselves living in a society where killing and corruption have become normal.  People don’t even consider these as sin. What is happening can be described as the “culture of death” – a term used by Pope John II in his encyclical “Evangelium Vitae.”

Time to Love

The Holy Book says: “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens.” (Eccl. 3:1) Thus “there is a time to love.” (Eccl. 3:8)

Who is St. Thomas More?

Very little is known about St. Thomas More, the patron of statesmen and politicians as declared by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000. He lived a very inspiring life and is a model of firmness of conscience to the end.

Eyes on the Ice: Human rights diplomacy

Last week’s vote by United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on the Iceland-backed resolution exasperated the sensitive Duterte administration and the DDS community.


Are Filipinos that forgiving or are we simply forgetful?

Living the ‘holiness of normality’

At an age when people, especially millennials, seem to seek personal fulfilment through high-profile accomplishments, one woman has just been recognized as a model of sanctity through devoting her life to teaching chemistry—without fanfare.