The unseen enemy is targeting the top brass.
From solons who granted him more power & money
to generals tasked to lead the war against the veerus.
Who’s next? The sick despot with gunpowder in his brain asks.

The commander-in-chief cannot lead an army.
He only knows how to curse and kill.
He’d rather take fentanyl and go to sleep
and wake up when this war is over
or when hell breaks loose.

The poor & powerless may die of hunger
or shot to death if they become unruly
but the rich & the powerful are the first to succumb
to the unseen enemy dragging with them their underlings
and the medics attending to them.

The veerus has breached the palace walls,
the halls of congress and the general headquarters.
They only know how to kill addicts & activists & the unruly poor.
Their guns are useless against this enemy.

It won’t be long when the invisible army
overrun the entire country.
The inept rulers acted too late, not knowing the enemy.
Pray that this is only a nightmare or a horror movie.