Fr. EMMANUEL “NONO” L. ALFONSO, SJ, is Executive Director of Jesuit Communications, writer and TV and radio host at ABS-CBN (Channel 2), DZMM Teleradyo, Radio Veritas and Radyo Katipunan. In 2008, he was given a Special Citation Award for Best Opinion Column Category at the 30th Catholic Mass Media Awards.

Rather, the Dark Ages!

But what explains these economic dark ages during the Martial Law years? In a word, mismanagement! Mismanagement caused by greed.

GOMBURZA: the inside story

Since hitting the theaters in December last year, many things have already been said about the film by movie critics, historians, academicians and blogging moviegoers. Let me add this piece. After all, it was Jesuit Communications, the media arm of the Jesuits in the Philippines, that produced the film.

Like a house of cards

Here’s one probable, brief explanation of how we unraveled as a country. It began with Duterte’s undeniable charisma that catapulted him to power.

Food for thought

We are of course only scratching the surface of the problem here. Food security and food waste are also grave ecological issues. 


“Move on! Why can’t you just forgive and forget as the Bible teaches!” This was one of the criticisms that many Leni Robredo supporters received during last year’s heated election period when they try to bring up the issue of Martial Law.