How close are we to midnight?

We remain locked down in our homes while the Executive and Congress run berserk to railroad all sorts of laws that deprive us of our basic rights and liberties, and our basic dignity as human beings. This goes against the natural order of things.

Locsin’s dangerous proposal

The Constitution is sacrosanct. It must be respected, upheld and followed to the letter. If it allows foreign troops presence in the country only through a treaty, then, the nation’s leaders must work on a treaty and not on an executive agreement.

SHIT in the time of COVID

The following was forwarded to me, and instead of trashing it because of its title and its unknown origin (although its references are mostly Christian), I gave it a chance—and I am thankful I did.

Again, the issue on the Separation of Church and State

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) came out with A Pastoral Letter and A Call to Prayer on July 16 appealing to the Filipinos to pray for the country because of the threat of abuses to freedom due to the signing of the Anti-Terrorism Law on July 3.

Palace wants sex education in PH improved

Palace wants sex education in PH improved

Commission on Population and Development Executive Director Juan Antonio Perez III on Thursday noted that as of 2018, pregnancies among children aged 10 to 14 reached 2,200. The number was double the 1,000 recorded in 2007.

IATF authorizes pilot study on use of rapid tests on cross-border travelers

In Resolution No. 72, the IATF backed the recommendation of a Department of Health-led technical advisory group to “commence pilot studies on the use of Rapid Antigen Testing (Ag-RDTs) for border screening and serial testing in high-risk to low-risk interzonal travel considering cross-border differences in quarantine status and prevalence level of transmission.”

Duterte mulls privatization, wants PhilHealth cleaned up by December

“The president wants to clean up PhilHealth, and that is why the deadline was given to Attorney Gierran, to enable him to clean up the organization. File all the cases that need to be filed, suspend, terminate, whatever you need to do in order to cleanse the ranks of PhilHealth,” Roque said.

Palace: Give ‘staycations’ a chance

“Let’s give it a chance dahil gaya po ng ating ad campaign, kinakailangan naman po—puwede naman pong pag-ingatan ang buhay para po makapaghanapbuhay ang lahat,” Harry Roque said.

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Businesses urged to innovate, prepare for digital-based economy

Businesses urged to innovate, prepare for digital-based economy

“The enterprises must be ready to more aggressively innovate, to shift more rapidly to take advantage of new digital technologies and to identify emerging business opportunities. These are not only moving into the ‘new normal.’ We should be purposefully moving toward a ‘new economy,’” Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said.

Ted Failon leaves ABS-CBN

Ted Failon leaves ABS-CBN

Broadcast journalist Ted Failon is set to leave the ABS-CBN network and will make his final appearance on “TV Patrol” and “Failon Ngayon sa TeleRadyo” on Aug. 31.

Gov’t allows training of student-athletes in low-risk areas

Under Resolution No. 68, the IATF declared “student-athletes of collegiate athletic associations… shall be allowed to resume their preparatory trainings in areas under [GCQ] and [MGCQ], subject to guidelines as may be issued by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd).”