Fact-checking Policy

PressOne.PH believes that fact-checking is essential to combatting misinformation and disinformation, and in informing and educating citizens and voters. PressOne.PH commits to be fair and nonpartisan in its fact-checking work and relies on objective criteria in selecting which claims to fact-check – primarily the importance or gravity of the claim and how wide it has been circulated. Fact-checks must explain how the claim was selected. As a policy, PressOne.PH will not link back to erroneous or misleading content to avoid further harm to the public.

PressOne.PH commits to transparency in its fact-checks and endeavors to cite all its sources of information or evidence. Evidence from all relevant sides must be obtained and carefully evaluated. The sources of claims must be contacted if possible (unless there is a legitimate reason otherwise) and allowed to provide evidence to support claims within a reasonable period (48 hours). The absence of a timely reply or any qualification to the original claim will not impede the publication of fact-check pieces.

Fact-checkers must disclose political, economic or other interests of sources quoted in fact-check pieces in cases where conflicts of interest might arise, and especially if these influence any conclusions made. Fact-checkers must not support politicians or political parties or engage in advocacy, especially policy advocacy, that might become the subject of fact-checking, to avoid actual or perceived biases.

The public is welcome to submit requests for fact-checks at news@pressone.ph.