Gaming has seen a tremendous increase in popularity and influence in just a few years. The passion and dedication required for this activity is so intense that it has even changed the way Pinoy players socialize, communicate, and even sleep. As such, lack of sleep has become the norm, and this can cause some serious health problems in the long run.

In partnership with Redbin Philippines, SleepMD, a sleeping supplement brand, entered this space with the goal of making itself relevant to the young, sleepless, and competitive gaming market.

To do this, they teamed up with S4gitnu, the Philippines’ top-tier professional esports player and gaming influencer. By riding on the country’s favorite mobile game, Mobile Legends, S4gitnu played the game via Facebook LIVE for two weeks, in the wee hours, to introduce the benefits of the brand’s Melatonin ingredient.

During the game, S4gitnu only used Selena, an in-game hero known worldwide for her long-lasting stun. Even the online world made fun of Selena’s skill through memes. Some say that once your hero gets stunned by Selena, you can already finish college. Or drink coffee. Or even sleep.

It’s a stun so long that SleepMD found this as the perfect opportunity to connect Selena’s stun to the long-lasting sleeping effect of Melatonin in real life. So instead of killing other players and destroying the enemies’ base, S4gitnu just stunned his enemies again and again while establishing the connection between the skill and SleepMD.

“This is truly a milestone for us at Redbin Philippines as we continue to innovate and strengthen our agency’s fullest potentials. Tapping into gaming and its multiverse of possibilities is just the beginning. We can’t wait to create more gaming partnerships in the future,” said Ben Berdin, chief creative officer at Redbin Philippines.

The special stream amused S4gitnu’s audience as engagement soared, gaining the attention of other game streamers. Shortly, more and more game streamers and casual gamers joined the Sleep Stunner fun by posting their own best Selena highlights.

SleepMD also offered 20% off vouchers in Lazada exclusively for gamers and gaming fans. S4gitnu and other streamers just pinned the voucher link in their live streams as they introduced the benefits of the brand to their followers. And in just a few days, the discount vouchers ran out!

“As an ML player myself, this project was close to my heart. Raising awareness about lack of sleep is a battle we want to win. Because if you have enough sleep, then we can make this competitive and fun gaming community safer and healthier,” said RJ Espartinez, associate creative director at Redbin Philippines.



Chief Creative Officer: Ben Berdin
Creative Director: Rose Pantoja-Beldia
Associate Creative Director & Copywriter: RJ Espartinez
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