MANILA — Teachmint and aSc Timetables have today announced a strategic partnership to harness the synergy of aSc’s scheduling prowess with Teachmint’s renowned school management platform, creating a unified solution that empowers educational institutions worldwide. This partnership will leverage aSc’s advanced algorithm to enable all users of the Integrated School Platform to effortlessly navigate the complexities of scheduling and managing the schedules of staff and students on an ongoing basis.

At the core of this timetable feature is a pragmatic solution for schools made for hectic days when multiple teachers are unexpectedly absent, thrusting coordinators into the challenge of finding timely substitutions. This feature addresses the logistical challenges of teacher unavailability and workload management without compromising on efficiency, accuracy, or timeliness. The integration of timetable data with staff attendance and subject-teacher mapping makes this one of the most holistic scheduling solutions for schools. 

Payoj Jain, Chief Product Officer – Teachmint, said, “The strategic incorporation of cutting-edge technologies is pivotal in transforming education, unlocking the full potential of each individual within the learning ecosystem. With the integration of aSc Timetables into Teachmint’s ISP, we mark a significant step in our mission to transform schools with technology. This partnership not only optimizes timetable management but also underscores our commitment to optimising and enriching the teaching and learning experience for all.”

“We are excited to announce that we at aSc Timetables have recently entered into a strategic partnership with Teachmint, a leading school management software provider in both India and globally. This collaboration aims to merge our worldwide scheduling expertise with Teachmint’s robust and widely acclaimed school management platform. Our joint efforts are dedicated to seamlessly integrating these technologies, significantly enhancing administrative efficiency and the educational experience in schools.” said Jan Gottweis, aSc timetables.

With the ability to generate multiple timetable versions in under 2 minutes, the timetable feature also ensures constant communication with updates for all teachers and other relevant staff. A standout feature of this integration lies in its ability to accommodate last-minute changes like teacher substitutions with real-time notifications. All stakeholders – school leaders, administrators, parents, students, teachers – can access updated, active timetables on their respective Teachmint apps. The system’s intelligence shines through the automation of timetable creation, timely reminders, and optimal scheduling on an ongoing basis with comprehensive constraint consideration.

The integration of aSc Timetables into the Integrated School Platform reinforces Teachmint’s commitment to building connected classrooms with the power of technology. From seamless accounting with integrations like Tally to the robust foundation of the ISP built on the Google Cloud Platform, Teachmint remains committed to bringing the best of world-class technology to educators and learners through the all-in-one ISP, strengthening the K–12 education ecosystem.