The Philippine National Police (PNP) will probe the accidental exposure to toxic chemicals of a group of PNP healthcare professionals at the Philippine Sports Arena-Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility, and the death of one doctor, Casey Gutierrez.

PNP chief Archie Gamboa said: “The PNP mourns the death of Dr. Casey Gutierrez and I have ordered a full investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding his death.”

Gamboa said he had sought the assistance of Secretary Francisco Duque III  of the Department of Health (DOH) on the investigation.

Police Captain Dr. Casey Gutierrez succumbed to inhalation injuries on May 30 at the Lung Center of the Philippines while two PNP Medical Reserve Force members, Steve Rae Salamanca and Runie Toledo, suffered the same conditions triggered by the toxic chemical. The two were brought to the PNP General Hospital for treatment.

The three were said to be undertaking a routine decontamination procedure when they were accidentally sprayed a concentrated decontamination solution (sodium hypochlorite), which triggered irritation and difficulty in breathing. (Jojo Mangahis)