The late dictator entrusted all of his properties only to his wife and his children. 

CLAIM: President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. declared the “People of the Philippine Islands” as the co-owners and co-beneficiaries of his wealth in his last will testament.


In a YouTube video posted by Filipino Future, an elderly lady falsely claims that the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. included the “People of the Philippine Islands” as the co-owners and co-beneficiaries of his wealth. 

She also claimed that unless another Marcos became president, the wealth from Marcos’s supposed account in the World Bank would never be released, a claim already fact-checked by PressOnePH

Her statements are bogus.

The text of the late dictator’s will in 1988 was published by the Manila Standard, and it states that Marcos Sr. entrusted all his properties to his wife and children. 

The video has gathered some 12,000 views and 1,100 likes on YouTube. Ada May Sacil


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Ada Sacil is a Journalism student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and an intern for PressOnePH. This piece was created under the supervision of PressOnePH’s editors.