A Facebook post made it look like Cardinal Tagle was promoted by Pope Francis to the rank of cardinal-bishop in May 2024. The “breaking news” was four years too late.

CLAIM:  In May 2024, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle was promoted by Pope Francis to the Order of Bishops.


A Facebook account falsely claimed that Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle was only recently appointed by Pope Francis to the highest rank of cardinals in the Catholic Church. The “breaking news” was four years too late.

The erroneous post of Dixie Arandela Ferreras read:

“#BREAKING:  Congratulations to Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle. 

The Holy See Press Office has released a Rescript announcing that Pope Francis has decided to co-opt Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle into the Order of Bishops. He now belongs to the highest order of the College of Cardinals, alongside Cardinals Pietro Parolin, Leonardo Sandri, Marc Ouellet, and Fernando Filoni, who were also co-opted into the same order. 

As the rescript takes effect today, “the new Cardinal Bishop will have the same status as their colleagues who are titled suburbicarian churches” (Vatican News).

Cardinal Tagle is the first Filipino Cardinal to be elevated to the Order of Cardinal Bishops.”

The post has generated 216 comments and more than 2,800 shares.

By using the hashtag #BREAKING, the post made it appear that Tagle was only recently raised to the rank of cardinal-bishop.

Pope Francis appointed Tagle to the rank in May 2020. The appointment was published on the Vatican’s official website.

Canons 349 to 359 (Book II, Section I, Chapter III) of the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law discuss the nature and role of the College of Cardinals.

Canon 350 §1 discusses the three orders of cardinals: cardinal-bishops, cardinal-priests, and cardinal-deacons.

Cardinal-deacons are usually cardinals serving in the various dicasteries of the Holy See acting in the same capacity as a cabinet minister or secretary.

Cardinal-priests are incumbent archbishops of metropolitan archdioceses around the world.

Cardinal-bishops are cardinals especially appointed by the pope and to cardinal-patriarchs of the Eastern-rite Catholic churches in union with Rome.

The pope alone has the authority to appoint, or in Catholic parlance, “create a cardinal,” and designate the rank of cardinals.

Tagle was formally created a cardinal on Nov. 24, 2012 at a consistory in St. Peter’s Basilica with a rank of cardinal-priest. Rommel F. Lopez

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