Hilarious. The satirical post, we mean. Cebu Dairy News, the parody account, has again gone viral after poking fun at the Gonzaga sisters Alex and Toni, whose movie “The ExorSis” was said to have flopped.

CLAIM: Celebrities Alex and Toni Gonzaga have quit the movie industry after the poor showing of their movie, “The ExorSis.”



Parody Facebook account Cebu Dairy News drew not a few laughs when it “reported” on Dec. 30, 2021 that showbiz sisters Alex and Toni Gonzaga had decided to stop making movies. This was supposedly after their latest offering, “The ExorSis,” flopped on opening day.

It’s satire, however, as the Gonzaga sisters continue to be very much in show business, although unable to convert their huge following on social media into box office success amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

It didn’t help that many moviegoers were disappointed that the Philippine screening of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” had to be delayed to make way for the yearly Metro Manila Film Festival, where “The ExorSis” was one of the entries.

Toni Gonzaga had also drawn criticism for failing to challenge Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. during her sit-down interview with the presidential aspirant posted on Youtube in September 2021.

Cebu Dairy News’ satirical post has been shared 3,700 times, with more than 700 comments.

The Facebook page labels itself as a “satire/parody” page and has a disclaimer that states that it is not connected with the CDN Digital news website.

Still, some Facebook users were fooled by the post about the Gonzaga sisters and demanded proof.

“San proof na sinabi ito ni Alex?” said one user.
(Where’s the proof that Alex said this?)

“Link nga po nung salaysay ng Gonzaga sisters? Pag wala kng link n maibigay mamamatay ka bago mag new year!” said another.
(Where’s the link to the Gonzaga sisters’ statement? If you can’t give the link you’ll die before the new year.)

As we have noted previously, people could be easily deceived by satirical posts, especially those made to look like news content.

Facebook has committed to show satirical posts lower in its News Feed, and has partnered with third-party fact-checkers to label such articles as “satire.”

The Facebook rating options, which is followed by PressOnePH’s fact-checkers, define satire as “content that uses irony, exaggeration, or absurdity for criticism or awareness, particularly in the context of political, religious, or social issues, but that a reasonable user would not immediately understand to be satirical.”

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