The PNP quickly denied posting the supposed advice on Facebook and admonished social media users not to share unverified information.

Claim: PNP has warned the public against a new kidnap scheme targeting girls

Rating: FALSE

Screenshots of a fake social media post purportedly from the Philippine National Police (PNP), warning the public against a supposedly new kidnapping scheme targeting girls, spread quickly on Aug. 26.

This prompted a quick denial from the PNP, which disowned the screenshot that was made to look like the PNP shared it on its Facebook page.

The fake post instructed readers on how to act in a scenario in which a girl on the road asks to be taken to an address. It said the girl should instead be taken to a police station. The fake post went on to claim that the girl-on-the-road scheme was a new way to abduct and abuse girls.

The PNP said the image was a manipulated version of a social media post of its San Mateo Police Station created in July 2020, which was later grabbed by a Facebook news page.

It said it had requested Facebook to take the image down. PressOne.PH has seen it spread in a Facebook Messenger group.

“I call the attention of our public to be more mindful of what we are posting on our social media sites and refrain from spreading unverified information from an unknown source that may lead to public disturbance, panic, and confusion,” PNP Chief Rodolfo Azurin Jr. said.


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