By Ashley Cruz

​Singer-songwriter Younha became the first female Korean soloist to peak at No. 1 on the US iTunes after the release of “Winter Flower” featuring RM of BTS.

“Winter Flower” is one of the tracks from Younha’s 5th EP, “Unstable Mindset,” that initially gained attention after the collaboration was announced.

RM is known to be a long-time fan of Younha, so this collaboration is more than just a project to him; it was a dream come true.

Upon the release of the song at 5pm (local time) on Jan. 6 through all streaming platforms, hashtags #WinterFlower and #WinterFlowerftRM trended on Twitter worldwide as the BTS ARMY immediately had a streaming party in support of RM and Younha.

In a radio interview, Younha spoke about how she and RM were able make the collaboration happen despite their busy schedules.

“Actually, we talked about how we wanted to collaborate many years ago, but I thought it was impossible now,” she said. “We had talked several times about what kind of song we wanted to make, and a track I was a little confident about came out, so I formally asked.”

With RM being constantly out of the country, Younha mentioned that the whole process took place as a result of lengthy emails and without a face-to-face meeting. “And even though we worked via wires, it was still a meaningful and fun process.”

“Winter Flower” is in both Korean and English and RM was credited as a featured performer and as a lyricist along with Younha and EDEN.

The song is painful yet comforting to listen to, with the repetition of “Hold on” in the beginning and with the chorus that says that no matter how arduous the journey is, there is always someone to walk the path with.

[Chorus – Younha] I will take it away
Before you stumble
I will stay by your side
Until you survive
That you’d bloom

Younha’s powerful vocals complement RM’s intense rap flow. His verse is excruciatingly beautiful as it tells one to stay and to hold on even if the pain is as cold as the winter, and that despite the biting agony, one is meant to bloom in time.

[RM] They say that life is full of paradox
All you gotta do is
gettin’ used to this marathon
“Would this world only be harsh to you?
It’s difficult for anyone.”
These words cannot comfort you,
who has become an adult

“Winter Flower” is a perfect soundtrack of life with a lesson to embrace the pain along the journey of self-growth and forgiveness.

With the chart success of “Winter Flower,” RM becomes the youngest Korean soloist to top US iTunes.

Fans of BTS, the ARMY, expressed their full support for the collaboration, praising Younha and RM’s genius lyricism.

Listen to “Winter Flower” here:

Translation credits via Twitter:
Radio interview: bora (@modooborahae)
Lyrics: 스튜디오 (@STUDIO_0613)