A witness who claimed to be an employee of Pharmally Pharmaceutical testified to the altering of the production dates of medical-grade face shields during a Senate inquiry on Friday.

During a Blue Ribbon Committee hearing, Sen. Risa Hontiveros showed a video of a Pharmally warehouse employee claiming he and others were ordered to tamper with the products by a company executive.

“For reasons of security we blurred his face and concealed his identity, but I do have in my possession a copy of his statement under oath,” Hontiveros said.

The witness explained his affiliation with the company, saying that the warehouse that he worked for used a “front” name for Pharmally.

“Yung face shield po na yon is, dinedeliver po sa warehouse, then ang ginagawa po namin is tinatanggalan po namin ng mga certificate na expired,” said the witness.

He said this was ordered by Krizle Grace Mago, an executive of Pharmally Pharmaceuticals.

The witness said they were instructed to repack the face shields regardless of quality.

“Ke yupi, ke madumi, kasi po yung ibang face shield doon, yung ibang foam po ng mga face shield na ginagawa namin, ano na po, mga naninilaw na po mga foam niya,” he said.

These claims were confirmed shortly after by Mago when questioned by Sen. Francis Pangilinian.

The repacked face shields were labelled with a “Philippine Government Property” sticker, adding that they were told that these were ordered by DOH from Pharmally. – Joshua Tristan Montecillo