BAGONG PH TOURISM SLOGAN, OK BA? | Mula sa “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” “Love the Philippines” na ang tourism slogan ng bansa. Mas maka-engganyo kaya ito ng mga turista? Himayin natin ang iba’t ibang elements ng effective branding and marketing kasama si Matec Villanueva, isang kilalang advertising at marketing specialist. FACTS FIRST WITH CHRISTIAN ESGUERRA

A veteran advertising and marketing expert said that she did not want to judge the new tourism slogan quickly until it was formally executed. 

Matec Villanueva, an advertising and marketing professional of over 35 years, said that she would give the benefit of the doubt to the Department of Tourism.

“Again, proof of the pudding is in the eating, we know that after eight years of doing ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines,’ it worked, we saw the numbers, it went up,” she said in Christian Esguerra’s Facts First program on Wednesday. 

Villanueva said advertising should always be based on research.

Like the previous slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” the people who developed the new one had data to support it, she said. 

Villanueva said the DOT came up with “Love the Philippines” as tourists had expressed satisfaction with the word “love” and not “fun.”

The target audience of the new slogan seemed to be foreigners, and not locals, she added. 

Villanueva, who specializes in marketing and building brands, is the director of marketing and communications at Ateneo de Manila University. Leigh San Diego