Palace spokesman Harry Roque on Monday did not go into details about his hospitalization after contracting Covid-19 despite the shortage of hospital beds in the capital, but called an inquiry about it “unchristian.”

“With all due respect…I think that’s an unchristian question,” Roque said after he was asked how he managed to get a Covid-19 bed.

Roque said he was initially isolated at home, but “my oxygen level fell to 90.”

The Palace spokesman announced his hospitalization on April 10.

Roque, who has a heart condition and diabetes, had tested positive for Covid-19 last March 15. He however refused to publicly show his test results, saying then that it was not important to show them.

According to Department of Health data as of April 10, 51.6 percent of hospital beds in Metro Manila were occupied.

Netizens have also been reporting patients being confined in tents outside hospitals due to bed shortages.

Despite his hospitalization, Roque has attended two pressers so far. John Ezekiel J. Hirro