By Areeya Tatjana Ho

(From the official Ateez Twitter account)

Rookie K-pop group Ateez is making waves only months after their debut, with the boy group of eight selling out their first world tour. The group also appeared in the Billboard Social 50, ranking 49th last April 2019.

Ateez is signed under KQ Entertainment and debuted in November 2018 with their first mini-album “Treasure EP.1: All to Zero,” which had two title tracks, “Treasure” and “Pirate King.” Before debut, the group released a pre-debut song, “From,” in October 2018.

The members, namely leader Kim Hongjoong, Choi San, Song Mingi, Park Seonghwa, Choi Jongho, Jeong Yunho, Kang Yeosang and Jong Wooyoung trained under KQ Entertainment under the name “KQ Fellaz” with former member Lee Junyoung. KQ Entertainment however announced that Lee Junyoung would not debut with the group, and that the group would be named “Ateez” instead.

Before their second comeback, with their third album “Treasure EP.3: One to All,” KQ Entertainment took an innovative approach. It let Atiny, the fandom, choose Ateez’s next title track, via an online poll between the instrumentals of songs “Wave” and “Illusion.” It drew over 600,000 votes.

With votes from both fans and the members themselves, “Illusion” got 47 percent and “Wave,” 53 percent. Although “Wave” won the online poll, Ateez still released “Illusion,” making it a double title track comeback, a nod to their debut stage eight months ago.

Ateez is already breaking records and defying expectations. Aside from their achievements so early into their career, they have amassed a dedicated following, looking out and voting for them in award shows. The group is said to be a sure-win as a rookie of the year, an award given by different award shows in South Korea.