The Quezon City government bared the development of a total of 161 kilometers of bicycle lanes in observance to Wednesday’s International Bike Day.

It a statement, the Quezon City government noted that more workers, notably healthcare frontliners, relied on bicycles to commute amid the community quarantine.

“This was a priority for us even before Covid-19 happened as part of our global commitment to reducing air pollution by 2030, but due to the pressing need for transport during the pandemic, and the bike culture that emerged as a result of this, we are fast-tracking its implementation,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

From the current 55 kilometers of bike lanes since 2018, the city plans to triple the total length of bike lanes to 161 kilometers, she said.

Bike lane construction will commence in coordination with Parks Development and Administration Department and the Task Force on Transportation and Traffic Management.

The “Move As One Coalition” is helping in the identification of feasible bike routes for healthcare professionals as they report for their duty in hospitals and other health care facilities.

Existing bicycle lanes will be improved by placing barriers, markers, signs and other physical structures. (Jojo Mangahis)