Forty-five percent of Filipinos are against revising the country’s charter, results of a Pulse Asia survey showed.

The survey, conducted from March 15 to 19, also found that the percentage of Filipinos opposed to revising the constitution decreased from 56 percent in September 2022.

Forty-one percent of Filipinos were in favor of revising the country’s charter, while 14 percent said the 1987 Constitution should be amended at some other time.

The survey also found that 79 percent of Filipinos had little to no knowledge of the 1987 Constitution.

Out of the group, 44 percent had little knowledge of the Constitution while 34 percent had none or almost no knowledge at all.

The Pulse Asia survey had a ± 2.8% error margin at the 95% confidence level.

The survey was conducted a day after House Bill No. 7352, also known as the “Constitutional Convention Act of 2023,” was passed by the House of Representatives with 301 members in favor, 7 against, and no abstentions on its third and final reading.

The proposed legislation aims to amend the constitution by establishing a hybrid constitutional convention consisting of both appointed and elected members.

However, the proposal has yet to gain enough support in the Senate. John Ezekiel J. Hirro