Senator and presidential candidate Panfilo Lacson said that he’s not planning to apologize to fellow presidential candidate and Vice President Leni Robredo since he was not part of the call for Robredo to withdraw from the presidential race. 

“Ako, I have nothing to apologize for because I did not join the call for VP Leni to withdraw. Sinabi ko lang ‘yung facts, what transpired bakit nag-fail ‘yung unification talks as early as before filing [of certificate of candidacies]. ‘Yun lang ang sinabi ko wala naman akong dinagdag, wala akong in-embelish doon I just presented ‘yung nangyari sa amin as it happened, as it transpired,” Lacson said at a press conference.

Lacson said that the unification talks between other presidential candidates was doomed from the start.  He added that if the event was done with the “right intentions” and “without hidden agenda,” it could have been successful. 

Lacson noted that the controversial press conference had no “backlash” on his presidential run. 

“That was the impression that they are trying to make or create. Actually, ‘di pinagtulungan kasi malinaw naman ang direksyon ng aming joint presscon is to at least pre-empt or thwart yung attempts na mag-disinformation na mayroong magwi-withdraw sa amin,” Lacson said.

“All of us, ganon ang ginagawa tapos isa-isa kinakausap hindi lang mag-withdraw kung hindi mag-campaign pa for them gaya ng sinabi ni Bert Gonzales. So I don’t think there is a backlash. At least napenetrate maski papaano yung echo chambers nila ni BBM at tsaka ni VP Leni, maski papaano  nandodoon nagreverberate yung nangyari sa presscon,” he added.

He explained that “trolls” are the majority of people bashing them online. 

“Those who are hitting us, ‘yung nagbabash alam naman natin most of them are trolls ano. Sanay na ako sa Twitter kasi ako nagmamanage ng Twitter account ko and I can easily tell a troll when I see one,” he said. — Ronald Espartinez