President Rodrigo Duterte was not one to meddle with state forces’ decision to deploy more than 40 security personnel during the wake and burial of detained activist Reina Mae Nasino’s daughter, River.

Aside from the presence of security personnel, Nasino was also handcuffed during the wake.

Palace spokesman Harry Roque said it was not Duterte’s job to “micro-manage” the ground commander.

“We respect po whatever decision of the commander may have been on the ground. If he felt that such security arrangement was necessary, so be it,” he said.

Baby River was buried on Oct. 16. Her mother is detained at Manila City Jail.

Nasino faces charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives. Her camp has accused police of planting the evidence that led to her arrest in November 2019.

Her lawyers described the security measures as “overkill.” The Integrated Bar of the Philippines also pointed to the lack of compassion shown towards Nasino.

“Why can’t our justice system safeguard the needs and rights of an innocent child to breastfeeding and a better chance to survive? (…) Can we not have justice with compassion?” it said in a statement. John Ezekiel J. Hirro