Oxford University has confirmed that Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. did not complete his degree nor graduate, and was only awarded a “special diploma.”

In an email to PressONE.ph, Oxford University’s information compliance team said Marcos was awarded the special diploma in 1978.

“We can confirm that a Ferdinand Marcos matriculated at the University of Oxford in 1975 to read for a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. According to our records, he did not complete his degree,” the email read.

The special diploma, it explained, was no longer being offered.

“There is no recorded link between the BA and the special diploma, and the special diploma was not a full graduate diploma,” Oxford said.

The Senate profile of Bongbong, namesake of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr., earlier showed that he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, philosophy and economics from Oxford.

His profile now shows that he obtained a special degree under the “undergraduate degree” section, which is still wrong considering Oxford’s statement that it was not a full graduate diploma.

The Religious of the Good Shepherd in the Philippines also posted an Oxford document from 1983 that said Marcos “did not complete his preliminary examinations and is not therefore a graduate of this University.”

“As had already been pointed out by many others, the issue is not the educational attainment but the value of honesty that we expect no less with anyone aspiring for the highest position of power in our country,” the group said in a Facebook post.

Bongbong is one of the candidates for president in 2022. John Ezekiel J. Hirro