JOEL PABLO SALUD is the author of several books of political nonfiction. He has sat for 11 years as editor-in-chief of one of the country’s foremost newsweekly and literary magazines and is currently the chair of the Writers in Prison Committee of PEN Philippines.

We need to talk about dangerous drugs

We cannot rely on simplistic plotlines to address a superfluously complex socioeconomic phenomenon. But we must begin somewhere, and a scientific narrative is a good place to start.

Marawi’s bakwit

Past Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s first 100 days, the so-called independent and quasi-judicial Marawi Compensation Board seems to have been stuck somewhere between the imagination and amnesia. After five long years, the supposedly nine-member board has yet to be created, leaving tens of thousands of displaced Meranaw residents at risk and in dire living conditions.

Deadly Dispatch: Ampatuan massacre 13 years after

As we remember the victims of the Ampatuan massacre today, let us also remember all the journalists who are still alive, and despite the threats on their lives and their families, remain honest and vigilant.