Port of Cebu

The Bureau of Customs–Port of Cebu (BOC-Cebu) has denied a report sent to the 8888 Citizen’s Complaint Hotline that they are holding shipments of surgical masks at the seaport. 

Jessica Luzano, head of the Entry Processing Unit (EPU) of BOC-Cebu, rejected the allegations and said that she has not encountered any entry lodgment concerning a shipment of face masks, surgical masks or any apparatus that can be used as protection against the deadly viral disease.

A concerned citizen sent a report to the hotline saying the BOC-Cebu held shipments of surgical masks at the Cebu International Port (CIP) yard amidst the uncontrollable spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The complaint was sent to the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) to investigate it, according to Luzano. 

CIIS-Cebu supervisor Carlo Bautista instructed his staff to inspect six containers processed under entry numbers 4827, 4926, 5012 where they found tiles upon examination on Friday. 

Meanwhile, Franz Muñoz, head of the CIIS at the subport of Mactan, said that he also received the same complaint from the Intelligence Group of the BOC central office. Muñoz said that as far as his office is concerned, there was no recorded importation of face masks in the city. 

“There was no importation of face masks as far as [the] subport of Mactan is concerned. We have checked activities like exporting face masks but in smaller quantity, maybe intended for our OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) working in countries infected with the new coronavirus,” Muñoz added.  (RJ Espartinez)