Netflix announced on Thursday the cast of the Korean adaptation of “La Casa de Papel,” also known as “Money Heist,” a Spanish television series streamed on Netflix in 2020.

The Korean adaptation will feature Korea’s top stars including Yoo Ji-tae as “The Professor,” Park Hae-soo as “Berlin,” Jeon Jong-seo as “Tokyo,” Lee Won-jong as “Moscow,” Kim Ji-hun as “Denver,” Jang Yoon-ju as “Nairobi,” Park Jung-woo as “Rio,” Kim Ji-hun as “Helsinki,” and Lee Kyu-ho as “Oslo,” all members of the gang that set out to rob the mint.

Other cast members include Kim Yunjin and Kim Sung-o, who will be part of the task force, and Park Myung-hoo and Lee Joobeen as the hostages.

The series will be produced by BH Entertainment and Contents Zium and will be directed by award-winning director Kim Hong-sun.

According to Netflix, the Korean adaptation will bring new life to the familiar storyline and bring the series afresh to global audiences with 12 episodes.

The original Spanish series centers around members of the gang recruited by the professor, the hostages, and the task force team that tackled the heist.

The Korean adaptation of La Casa de Papel will be launched globally as a “Netflix Original Series.” Jade Veronique V. Yap