By John Ezekiel J. Hirro

Have we moved on from Ryujin’s iconic shoulder dance? No, we have not. But are we ready for ITZY’s comeback? Of course!

K-pop’s power youngsters ITZY have released the teaser for “Not Shy,” the title track of their highly anticipated Aug. 17 comeback.

The quintet released a 63-second trailer for the comeback single, their first release since the third mini-album, “IT’z ME,” which included the massive hit, “WANNABE” released last March 9.

The teaser hinted at a fierce, Wild West-themed concept in the full black and white teaser.


The group is known for their confidence-boosting singles.

“DALLA DALLA,” their debut single, touched on loving oneself despite being different from others.


“ICY” reminded the group’s fandom, MIDZY, to “keep walking” even when the haters “keep talking.”


“WANNABE” talked about not wanting to be somebody else and loving who you are.


Suffice to say, “Not Shy” will be another self-empowering single that will give us the validation we all need.