The Bureau of Immigration (BI) main office in Intramuros was temporarily closed on Monday for disinfection and sanitation after one of its employees tested positive for the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

In a statement, Commissioner Jaime Morente said: “We have decided to temporarily close our main office to protect not only our employees but that of the transacting public as well against this deadly virus.”

Melvin Mabulac, acting spokesman, said that an employee, out of the hundreds who submitted themselves to rapid antibody test on June 2, was found positive for the virus.

The employee was subjected to a confirmatory swab test and “the test result showing he has the virus came out last Saturday,” Mabulac said.

His co-workers were asked to undergo mandatory tests to find out if they were also infected with the virus.

Morente advised clients scheduled through the online appointment system to await notifications for their new appointment slots.

Only the main office is affected and BI satellite and extension offices in Metro Manila will be open to serve the public, the bureau said.

BI started accepting transactions through a newly launched online appointment system on June 1. (Jojo Mangahis)