The Philippine government is planning to reach 90 million fully vaccinated Filipinos by June, vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. said on Monday.

In his report during President Rodrigo Duterte’s “Talk to the People” address, Galvez said that the government was eyeing to fully vaccinate 77 million individuals by March and reach the 90-million mark by June.

The government is also eyeing to provide 72.16 million booster doses to Filipinos by yearend, Galvez said.

According to the vaccine czar, the Philippines has over 100 million vaccine doses yet to be deployed. The country has received 213,487,520 to date.

As of Jan. 10, the country has 52,849,101 fully vaccinated and 57,822,417 partially vaccinated individuals.

The country’s vaccination rate has slowed down since the holiday season and the onslaught of typhoon “Odette.”

Galvez said there were three million senior citizens who had yet to receive their primary Covid-19 vaccine shots and 25 million fully vaccinated individuals yet to receive booster shots. John Ezekiel J. Hirro