About 76,837 or 0.10 percent of the over 75 million individuals who received Covid-19 vaccines have reported adverse effects following inoculation, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday.

“So far, our suspected adverse events are less than 0.10 percent of the total doses administered…and the majority of them are very mild,” FDA chief Eric Domingo said.

He said that 3,874 of these cases were serious.

Nearly 95 percent, or 72,963 individuals, reported non-serious adverse reactions.

Domingo said that adverse effects following inoculation were rare and all vaccines were safe and effective.

The National Adverse Events Following Immunization Committee earlier said that not all cases of untoward medical events that follow immunization had a causal relationship with the administration of a vaccine.

“For example, you get vaccinated and then you get bitten by a dog. You should also report that as an (adverse event following immunization). Whether it’s related or unrelated, there should be reporting and it should be documented,” said Dr. Rommel Lobo, vice chairman of the committee.

The Philippines has more than 34 million fully vaccinated individuals. John Ezekiel J. Hirro