The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday said that of the 13.8 million fully vaccinated Filipinos as of Aug. 29, only 242 contracted Covid-19.

FDA chief Eric Domingo said the number was 0.0017 percent of the fully vaccinated population.

The “breakthrough infections” were most common among those who received Sinovac jabs. Of the 242, 180 were Sinovac recipients.

Forty-seven AstraZeneca recipients, 11 Janssen recipients and four Pfizer recipients also contracted Covid-19.

Of the 242 breakthrough infections, five died.

Meanwhile, 732 out of 9.22 million Filipinos who had received only one Covid-19 vaccine dose also caught the disease.

Of these, 101 died.

Despite these cases, Domingo told the public to not fear vaccination as its benefits outweighed risks.

“Vaccines are an effective and critical tool to control the pandemic,” he said.

Domingo said 99.82 percent of the recipients of the 33,387,222 vaccine doses administered as of Aug. 29 did not report adverse effects after vaccination.

The Philippines has so far received 52,792,130 doses of Covid-19 vaccines from different manufacturers. John Ezekiel J. Hirro