CLAIM: The Department of Education offers qualified students scholarship allowances.



A Facebook page called “DSWD Updates 2024” on Feb. 17 posted a fake Department of Education (DepEd) announcement of supposed scholarship allowances with multiple fake links. 

The page, which has over 1,700 followers, falsely stated that the DepEd offers all students an allowance of up to P10,000. 

According to the fake photo, students should register to receive the allowance, which purportedly depends on their education level. It claimed that elementary students will receive P5000, high school students, P7,000, and college and vocational students, P10,000. 

The page also provided fake links for requirements, registrations, and contacts, which were all the same and directed to a gaming site. 

The DepEd on Feb. 19 debunked the fake post, reminding everyone to be wary of misinformation. 

For official announcements regarding scholarships, the DepEd urged everyone to visit and check its official Facebook account at and website at Rushelle Intia


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Rushelle Intia is a Journalism student from the University of Santo Tomas and an intern for PressOnePH. This piece was created under the supervision of PressOnePH’s editors.