A Twitter user posted a misleading TikTok video of Percy Lapid where he says he will support Bongbong Marcos if anyone tries to steal the presidency from him.

CLAIM: Percy Lapid will support Bongbong Marcos if the presidency is stolen from him. 


Twitter user Thea Tan posted a misleading TikTok video of Percy Lapid’s Sept. 26 livestream where he says he will support Bongbong Marcos if anyone tries to steal the presidency from him.

Tan’s caption on her tweet read: “The clueless Kakampinks who don’t even research insinuate Percy Lapid was killed because of his criticisms of Marcos & Duterte. This was Sept. 26, 2022. Kung aagawin daw ang pwesto kay BBM, kakampihan ni Percy si BBM.”

At the 7:18 mark, Percy Lapid talks about the Chinese-Filipino community’s concern over Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) and how the Duterte administration failed to handle the situation by allowing them to do business in the country. 

From 17:18, Lapid discusses how the Marcos administration is supposedly surrounded by corrupt officials. At 19:51 Lapid quotes Ka Kuen Chua, chair of the Movement for Peace and Order, who states how the POGOs pose a danger to the Philippines’s national security. 

Lapid compares the Duterte and Marcos administrations in 20:52. The late commentator says  he will favor Marcos to prevent another Duterte from coming into power in 22:07.

Lapid claims that in comparison with the Duterte administration, Marcos is the “lesser evil”. He later states that he supported former vice president Maria Leonor Robredo in the 2022 elections and continues to support her.

The misleading video, which has been viewed more than 3,700 times, clearly lacked the entire context of Lapid’s commentary. – J.T. Manalaysay


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