Vaccination cards are no longer a requirement when entering malls in areas under Alert Level 1, but they remain a necessity to enter 3Cs (closed, crowded and close-contact areas) within malls.

Interior Undersecretary on Thursday said malls themselves were not considered under 3Cs, but restaurants, spas and other establishments within them could be.

“Let us follow the advice of (Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez) that the vaccination card is not required at the entrance of the mall. It is only required at the exact 3C establishment inside the mall, but not necessarily at the entrance of the mall,” Malaya said in an interview over ANC.

Malaya said malls could still require vaccination cards upon entry.

“I think it’s something that they want to do and I don’t see anything wrong about it,” he said.

Metro Manila and 38 other Philippine areas are under Alert Level 1 until March 15.

Also under Alert Level 1, all establishments, persons, or activities, are allowed to operate, work, or be undertaken at full on-site capacity provided public health standards are still followed. John Ezekiel J. Hirro