The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will start limiting its onsite workforce to 30% across all offices under Alert Level 3. 

The DFA said that due to the uptick of Covid-19 infections among its personnel, the department decided to lessen the workforce setup.

“The DFA is observing a 30% minimum onsite presence in all its offices under Alert Level III, while applying work-from-home and other flexible work arrangement,” the department said in an advisory.

The DFA posted 24.7% Covid-19 positivity rate among its workforce as of January 15, excluding those who have been determined as “close contacts.”

“And to ensure uninterrupted delivery of essential public services, no temporary closures will be allowed unless authorized by the Executive Secretary,” the department said.

The government declared Metro Manila and around 50 other places under Alert Level 3 from January 16 to 31 due to the surge of Covid-19 infections. Ronald Espartinez