The OCTA Research Team on Friday said Covid-19 cases in Metro Manila increased dramatically over the past week, during the celebration of the holidays.

OCTA fellow Guido David said the rate of increase in the capital region was “dramatic,” and that the reproduction number of Covid-19 in the region was at 2.19, exceeding critical levels.

The latest surge saw Covid-19’s reproduction rate in Metro Manila increase from 0.51 before Christmas to a “critical 1.47, and then 2.19 as of Dec. 27.

“This is the highest reproduction number in [Metro Manila] since July 2020,” David said.

“The reproduction number may be controlled by complying with minimum public health standards and reducing social and mass gatherings,” he added.

The capital region remained at “moderate risk” for Covid-19, David said.

The city of Manila has been seeing the most number of new cases among local government units as of late.

Metro Manila, which has fully vaccinated nearly 9.6 million individuals, has 3,574 active Covid-19 cases as of Dec. 30. John Ezekiel J. Hirro