There’s no denying that Renren Ritualo made a mark in Philippine basketball during his college days.

But he would not have been one of the deadliest shooters in the country if the “Rainman” himself didn’t believe in his craft.

Speaking at “Extra Session with Kiko Malicdem” of Guerilla Podcast Syndicate Philippines, Renren gave his recipe for hardcourt success.

“I believe in hard work and discipline, kasi I have a goal, and confidence. Kasi if you don’t believe in yourself , no one will,” he said.

Ritualo’s confidence was obvious when he stepped on the court, and this helped him become a popular ball player in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

“During games I was always excited, mataas `yung expectation ko sa sarili at nagsisimula ito pa lang sa practice. I was really prepared and I had no doubt that I was going to perform well,” he said.

Ritualo knew his capabilities as a player and how he could change the game for his team, and remained focused despite the rugged defense thrown at him by opposing teams.

“I talked a lot in the game kasi lagi ako sinasaktan kasi I was a skinny kid… It gave me more motivation to perform well and tingin ko, kung paano ako nagre-retaliate, siguro I was more focused at gusto ko matalo ‘tong team na ito because of those antics,” he said.

Ritualo finished his collegiate career at De La Salle University with four UAAP men’s basketball titles, cementing his legacy as one of the best college players during his time.

At the Philippine Basketball League, he was named one of the league’s 20 greatest players. In 2002, he moved to the Philippine Basketball Association and was drafted by FedEx Express (later Air21 Express). He became Rookie of the Year.

Ritualo, 41, is now a basketball analyst and assistant coach for Adamson University.

Every time he looks back at his career, Renren cannot help but feel blessed, but admits that his exposure to basketball at an early age through his late dad, Florendo Ritualo Sr. and his coach in San Beda Ato Badolato, was a major factor.

“I was really exposed at the young age and I looked forward to challenges like playing against older, bigger and stronger guys,” he said.

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Preview image grabbed from ABS-CBN’s “The Score.”