The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Saturday welcomed incoming National Security Adviser (NSA) Clarita Carlos’ stance against red-tagging, saying it would help protect the lives and security of Filipinos.

In a statement, CHR spokeswoman Jacqueline de Guia said instituting a policy barring red-tagging would also promote liberty in the country and benefit those unfairly labelled.

“The [CHR] welcomes the statement of incoming National Security Adviser, Dr. Clarita Carlos, urging the end of the practice of red-tagging, also known as red-baiting, especially those from government agencies and its representatives,” she said.

“CHR has long since cautioned against the harms of red-tagging which range from harassment and intrusion to one’s right to privacy, to graver ones that includes unlawful arrests, enforced disappearances, injuries, and even killings,” she added.

In a “Laging Handa” briefing on June 10, Carlos called red-tagging a “lazy” practice that should be stopped.

“I have repeatedly declared that red-tagging should be in fact be stopped because wala siyang katuturan, labelling people. Sa akin, bilang social scientist, when you use labels that means you are a lazy person because you don’t know how else to ID a person,” she said.

Carlos said solving the country’s insurgency problem should begin by providing solutions to issues on the ground and halting injustice by providing equal opportunities.

“Otherwise kapag hindi natin in-address ito, hahawak na ng baril iyong mga tao dahil wala na silang ibang solusyon sa problema nila, ‘di ba? That is what we are trying to prevent,” she said.

De Guia welcomed the national security adviser-designate’s proposal, saying the Philippine “may move towards a more just and humane society by addressing the root causes of conflicts that deprive us all of a just and lasting peace.” John Ezekiel J. Hirro