2nd National Surf Summit (Facebook)

Borongan City, Eastern Samar is set to hold the much awaited  2nd National Surfing Summit from November 24-26.

The surfing summit aims to bring together surfing stakeholders from all over the nation to explore the enormous potential of surfing as a tourism attraction and Olympic sport.

“We stand united, and through this summit, we aim to significantly impact the tourism industry in the region and create substantial opportunities for economic development,” said Borongan City Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan.

Karen Tiopes,  Director for Tourism of Eastern Visayas, spearheaded the coordination meeting for the said surfing summit. Jeff Ortega, the Regional Director for Tourism of Region 1, Herbie Aguas, the Regional Director for Tourism of Region 5, and Mark Edward Velasco, the CFO of the United Philippine Surfing Association attended the coordination meeting.

“Region 1 is the model for several aspects of the surf industry, from business to local government intervention and pioneering surf events,” said Rupert Ambil II, Borongan Surf City Festival Chairman.

The 2nd National Surfing Summit and the Surf City Festival will kick off from November 24 to 30 with the theme “Surfing Horizons: Unveiling New Destinations, Igniting Tourism.”

Meanwhile, the 3rd Surfing Summit will take place in Bicol after Herbie Aguas, Regional Director for Tourism of Region 5, vowed the region’s full support for this year’s surfing summit. Gian Rowelle Erenia