By John Ezekiel J. Hirro

Was this the same group that released “Kill This Love”? Because apparently, the newest emo girls in town, BLACKPINK, don’t mind being hurt again and again as long as it is for love.

BLACKPINK on Friday released the music video for “Lovesick Girls,” the group’s new heartbreak anthem, which provided a rare glimpse into the members’ emotional sides.

In the song, the girls express their longing for love “even though it hurts every time” and said they would “do it over and over.”

You’re all I need even if it hurts
We are the lovesick girls
You can’t just end this love on your own
We are the lovesick girls
I’m nothing without this pain…
Yeah we were born to be alone
But why [are] we still looking for love?

Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo also showed off their acting skills in the music video. (Rosé and Jisoo cried real tears!)

French superstar DJ David Guetta, who produced global hits including “Hey Mama” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Play Hard” and “Titanium” featuring Sia lent a hand in producing the song.

Though “Lovesick Girls” is about the pain one experiences in a relationship (and being marupok enough to keep longing for it for the sake of love), rest assured that the song’s dance beats can make BLINKs dance and go wild while shouting its lyrics out loud.

The music video has amassed 26,410,812 views as of writing. It was released alongside “THE ALBUM,” BLACKPINK’s first full-length studio album.

Watch the music video here: