Metro Manila’s bed occupancy rate increased 12 percentage points from Dec. 26 to Jan. 2, the OCTA Research Team said on Tuesday.

OCTA fellow Guido David said 29 percent of hospital beds in Metro Manila were occupied as of Jan. 2, from 17 percent as of Dec. 26.

The occupancy rate of intensive care unit (ICU) beds also increased from 21 to 29 percent during the span.

About 1,000 beds were newly occupied during the span, David said.

However, David said the numbers were still at the very low level.

“Both hospital bed occupancy and ICU occupancy are still at very low level at this time,” David said.

About 10,000 new Covid-19 cases were detected in Metro Manila during the span.

As of Jan. 4, the capital region has 17,165 active Covid-19 cases. John Ezekiel J. Hirro