Legazpi (Albay) Bishop Joel Baylon on Monday expressed alarm over reports three Covid-19 positive patients have been left to the care of a few village-based health workers or medical service providers, instead of being held in isolation and under strong care and monitoring by competent and well-trained medical personnel.

In a statement, Bishop Baylon and Legazpi clergy, “echoing the sentiments of many of our people,” raised concerns over the possibility of Covid-19 being transmitted to a wider population, even with a village or barangay under strict lockdown.

“Proper isolation, logic demands, means in a facility separated and far away from any vulnerable community such as a barangay,” he said.

He asked why such conditions were being tolerated, as if leaving the whole province at risk of being infected “before the national government acts through the Department of Health.”

“For the sake of decency and human respect, and in the name of our God who suffered for us all, and continues to suffer because of our inanities, selfishness and greed, please do something about this situation!” he said.

“Is someone out there listening to our cry?” he said. (Melo M. Acuña)