Five villages in the towns of Malay and Kalibo in the province of Aklan have been declared free from illegal drugs.

As on Feb. 27, 11 barangays in Kalibo have been declared drug-free. Old Buswang, New Buswang and Bakhaw Norte met the parameters of the committee comprised of the Department of Health, the Philippine National Police, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Interior and Local Government.

Parameters set were the following: active involvement of barangay officials in anti-drug activities and other programs, no drug laboratories, marijuana cultivation sites, drug dens, protector, financier, and drug pusher/user and the non-availability of drug supply in the barangays under the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Regulation 3 Series of 2017, or Strengthening the Implementation of Barangay Drug Clearing Program.

The towns of Tinigaw, Caano, Mobo, Bakhaw Sur, Linabuan Norte, Briones, Nalook and Mabilo in Kalibo were also declared drug-free while the barangays of Poblacion, Andagao, Pook, Estancia, and Tigayon are awaiting for the committee’s decision.

In mainland Malay, two more barangays have been cleared of illegal drugs, such as Barangay Balusbos and Barangay Motag.

The towns of Kabulihan, Nabaoy, Sambiray, Cogon, Dumlog, and Naasug in Malay were also cleared from drugs. Meanwhile, the barangays of Yapak, Manocmanoc, and Balabag in Boracay Island and six more barangays in mainland Malay are waiting for the committee’s decision.  (RJ Espartinez)