The Western Visayas Center for Health and Development ordered the Aklan Provincial Health Office to start its investigation regarding the reported 20 dengue-caused deaths this year.

The number of dengue victims in the province stretched to a record high of 4,679 cases from January to August 24, as revealed by Dr. Conelio Cuachon, Provincial Health Officer 2.

Arnold Tenorio, 34, was reported to be the 20th resident who succumbed to dengue last August 31. The victim was a construction worker from Boracay and a resident of Barangay Mina-a Ibajay, Aklan.

The youngest dengue victim was a ten-month-old infant.

“We will be conducting investigation to study why many dengue victims died in the hospital within 24 hours of confinement. Among the reasons cited why is the delay of several processes in achieving medical care. Results of the investigation will be used in the prevention of more dengue deaths in the future,”Cuachon said.

Some of the possible factors that caused the rising fatalities to dengue this year are the delay of the victims to decide if they want to seek medical care, the delay to transport these victims, and the long lines at the hospital. (RJ Espartinez)