The government’s multi-billion conditional cash transfer Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program or 4Ps emerged as the national issue or  program with the highest support from the public, according to a new poll by Oculum Research and Analytics Philippines.

In the national survey, 91% expressed support for 4Ps, the most widely endorsed issue or program, underscoring its high significance in the eyes of the public.

Oculum Chief Political Analyst Dr. Dennis Coronacion said: “Since majority of the respondents are from Class D, this may explain the strong public support for the 4Ps program.”

The Oculum third-quarter national survey, conducted during the period July 17-31, 2023, asked 1,200 respondents to rate their support for 15 national issues or programs using a five-point scale. 



National issues with majority or 50% or more support include Climate Action (54% support), the K to 12 Educational Reform (53% support), and Mandatory ROTC (50% support).

The controversial Maharlika Investment Fund obtained the backing of a third, or 34%, of survey respondents.

Meanwhile, Mining (18%), Same-Sex Marriage (17%), Partnership with China (17%), POGO or Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations (9%), and E-Sabong (7%) obtained the lowest levels of public support.

The Oculum third-quarter national opinion poll surveyed 1,200 respondents 18 years old and above, randomly selected though multistage probability sampling.

The respondents were distributed as follows: 300 from the National Capital Region (NCR) or Metro Manila, 300 from the rest of Luzon, 300 from the Visayas, and 300 from Mindanao.

For each of these four regions, the areas surveyed – cities and municipalities and barangays – were randomly selected through a computer-assisted tool. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3 points at the national level.

For all percentages cited above, the base or total used is the number of survey respondents who gave an answer to each item. Non-responses were excluded.

Below is an analysis of the survey results by Dr. Joseph Mercado, Chief Statistician of Oculum Research and Analytics Philippines.

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program: This social welfare initiative received the highest support at 91%, positioning it as the most widely endorsed issue among the surveyed population. This result underscores the significance of this program in the eyes of the public.

Climate Action: Climate-related initiatives garnered substantial support, with 54% of respondents endorsing them. This result signifies a high level of public backing for environmental preservation efforts.

K to 12: The K to 12 education system received 53% support, highlighting a significant level of endorsement for this educational reform.

Mandatory ROTC in College: Approximately 50% expressed support for mandatory Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) in college. This result suggests a balanced perspective on the importance of military training as part of higher education.

Rice Importation: Around 45% expressed support for rice importation. This finding highlights public endorsement for ensuring food security through importation.

Small Town Lottery (STL): STL garnered 35% support, indicating a moderate level of endorsement for this form of gambling.

Maharlika Investment Fund: Around 34% expressed support for the Maharlika Investment Fund. This result suggests a mixed stance on this financial initiative.

Anti-Communist Insurgency: Approximately 23% expressed support for anticommunist insurgency efforts. This result reflects varied perspectives on addressing this challenge.

Divorce and SOGIE Bill: These issues received 22% and 21% support, respectively.

The results indicate relatively moderate endorsement for legalizing divorce and legislating protections for the LGBTQ+ community.

Mining: Mining faced 18% support, suggesting moderate backing for this industry despite its environmental impact. OCULUM