Image courtesy: QC DRRMC Facebook

Two people died in a flash flood last Saturday due to heavy rains in Quezon City. 

One of the victims was identified as Kimberly Anog, 12, who died in Barangay Bahay Toro, and another unknown victim in Barangay Apolonio Samson.

In a statement on Monday, the Quezon City Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office (QC DRRMO) said that it had been active in relocating residents of the area, prior to the deaths of the victims who are two informal settlers.

QC DRRMO Research and Planning Chief Maria Bianca Perez said that the relocation effort is one of the local government’s top priorities.

“The city will assist the NHA fulfill its mandate to relocate those living along danger zones, so no more lives will be lost […],” Perez said. 

In addition, the QC DRRMO will be working with the Housing Community Development and Resettlement Department (HCDRD) for the resident transferral process. Adrian L. Parungao