Former senator FRANCISCO TATAD served in the Philippine Cabinet for ten years, in the Legislature for fifteen years, and in journalism and humanitarian work for more than half of his close to sixty years in public life. As presidential spokesman and information secretary, he accompanied President Marcos on his state visit to China in 1975; as Senate majority leader, he co-sponsored the Senate resolution of concurrence in the ratification of the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and the US in 1999.

We are one, despite our differences

In the name of God and country, we must allow the incoming administration, whatever we think of it, to perform or fail, according to its real merits. Accompanied by our religious, moral and political leaders, we must try to lift our society from any false need to judge one another unkindly because of our political or other human differences.

A conflict-averse president? Part II

If BBM’s political enemies have not given up, and if they have assessed him to be “conflict-averse”, they might be tempted to recreate the scenario against his dad.

A conflict-averse president?

The winners in the May 9 elections have not been officially proclaimed, but world leaders have already recognized former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. as the 17th president of the Philippines. US President Joe Biden is the first one to extend such recognition. China’s President Xi Jinping and others have followed.

Between the good and the best

In a recent piece online, I wrote of certain groups that are trying to use the Philippine Catholic Church to work for or against certain presidential candidates in the May 9 election. This, I said for the nth time, is contrary to the express teaching of the Catholic Church.

Cleaning up the mess

The 2022 Philippine presidential campaign has so polarized and divided the nation that whoever wins on May 9, the task of unifying and rebuilding the socio-political, economic order will have to take first priority.